First Class Sandblasting and Restoration Inc. Services

Log home restoration

Depending on the job. We can clean old finish off by use of blasting with glass or chemicals stripp with power washer. We can chink and caulk seams. We can replace bad wood and logs and other carpentry work. Plumbing, electrical, and roofing cleaning and replacement.We use nothing but the best products. Every job is different and budgets are workable to find a great solution for your needs. Contact us and we can discuss the situation and come up with the best suited plan for your home and you

Truck and equipment restoration bodyshop

We can blast and paint trailers, heavy machinery. Big trucks. Full body work. Truck builds. Custom painting. Welding and fabrication. Electrical rigging and blighting. Light mechanical work.

Fire restoration

Gutting out fire burnt homes and buildings. Soda blasting with baking soda to obsorb smell and remove smoke and charging. Back spray with shellac primer to cover smell. We guarantee when we are done that there is no fire smell.

Classic car soda blasting

Stripping cars with combo of soda on the
delecate parts and light weight glass on jams and floors and such. Also can Do airplanes and engine components cleaning! Like new

Industrial complex blasting and painting

Blasting old finishes to remove paint and rust. Repainting using the top, top products best for the situation. We do silo structures, buildings, factory complex including FDA approved in the food industry. Water and treatment plants. Electric company's. Also do Kevlar rubber coatings. The best in the industry. Speedliner. And all other commercial coatings

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